Prophetic Conference 2024 Audio Download

Prophetic Conference 2024 Audio Download

Prophetic Conference 2024 Audio Download

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Humanity has lived through some jarring moments these past few years. If you feel like you’re coming off of a battlefield, we’re here to tell you that there is hope. Though you may have experienced shaking, you have been maturing. We want to declare over you, as a prophetic company, that Jesus’ eyes are locked on you and He sees your faithful endurance. 

The season is shifting, and as a result, our focus must too. 

Can you feel your hunger for God growing? You find yourself longing for more of Him, and feel a holy dissatisfaction at the status quo forming in you. Your appetite is changing as you find it hard to settle for a performance-driven life. The things that used to satisfy you have lost their taste. The Lord is doing a work in you, as your desire for Him is increasing and the rest falls away. He’s calling you into deeper places with Him, as He breathes on a new company of burning ones whose focus is sharp and clear—who will stop at nothing to see Jesus get His full reward. 

At this year’s Prophetic Conference, we are gathering as a prophetic community who recognizes that the only response to the Bridegroom’s great love in giving His all is to fully surrender, just as He did. We are willing to answer the call to step into a greater level of purity for the sake of being in continual union with Him. We know that access to this connection is fully available through a yielded life that can contain it. We can sense the urgency and call to take the first step of surrender so that others can follow. This prophetic community is willing to lay our lives down, just like He has for us.

At the end of these sessions, we believe that you will be connected and confident that you are one with Jesus. It’s from this place, this uninterrupted union with God, that you’ll live as a resting place for His presence and prophesy from a place of deep connection. 

At Prophetic Conference 2024, we will take our place in the Communion Revival. Uninterrupted union with God is what you need to live in the fullness of what He’s created you for. Say “yes” to His invitation to intimacy above all else, and watch the fruit of your oneness with Jesus begin to set the world around you ablaze for His glory.


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