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Mission Intensive Training School

Mission Intensive Training School

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Bethel Mission Intensive Training School is a specialized training focused on the practical skills of living cross-culturally combined with the supernatural lifestyle.  These sessions provide you with the skill necessary to not only survive but thrive while getting equipped and empowered for long-term effectiveness and sustainability for international life.  Speakers from around the world come together and share with you their treasures.  


Below are the 4 key pillars of the school, the session topics and speakers recorded:

  1. Foundations: understanding your revivalist identity and how that impact nations
    • Finding Your Place in Missions = Mike and Lynne Chandler
    • The Great Commission = Tracy Evans 
    • The Heart of Missions = Bill Johnson
    • Apostolic Missions = Kris Vallotton
    • Identity Part 1: Knowing Who You Are = Lynne Chandler
    • Identity Part 2: Candace Johnson
    • Identity part 3:  Eric Johnson
    1. Engaging Culture: Cross-cultural adaptation and lifestyle with honor at the heart of what you do 
      • A Lifestyle of Honor = Tracy Evans
      • Uncommon Ground – navigating the disorientation of a new culture = Lynne Chandler 
      • Cross-Cultural Connection – tools for successful cross-cultural living = Lynne Chandler
      • Laying Foundations for Kingdom Movements of the Gospel Among Muslim People = David Anthony
      1. Transforming Spiritual Atmosphere’s: the prophetic, discerning good and displacing evil
        • Building an International Prophetic Community = Dano McCollam
        • Spiritual Warfare – Displacement = Dano McCollam
        • Sound of the Nations – Keys to Revival = Dano McCollam
        • God Vibrations – The Power of Sound = Dano McCollam
        • Shifting Atmosphere’s = Dawna DeSilva
        1. Building Resiliency – Build Well, Build Strong – family & self-care; team building, & transitions in missions
          • Family Life Overseas = Steve & Lorraine Box
          • Parenting MK’s = Michelle Phoenix
          • Going Solo – life as a single on the mission field = Michelle Phoenix
          • Staying Happy, Healthy and Strong = Mike Chandler & Michelle Smith
          • Managing the Practical Side of Going Supernaturally = Mike Chandler
          • Building Teams = Tracy Evans
          • There’s No Place Like Home – the return to one’s home country & other transitions = Lynne Chandler

          Go Well, Go Strong, Go Prepared

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