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Abundance With a Purpose
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Bill Johnson

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About Abundance With a Purpose
Free Gift

God is a good Father who wants us to flourish in every realm. In the Abundance with a Purpose series, Bill Johnson invites us to change our thinking to match God's and position our priorities to seek first His Kingdom and then allow Him to bless us for the benefit of all. In session 1, he emphasizes giving to missions with the joyous thought of what our offerings do to change lives. In session 2, Bill teaches the biblical foundation of the tithe and how obedient giving releases spiritual breakthrough. He continues that theme in session 3 and shows that in the Promised Land, our work with God's anointing equals advancement. Session 4 explores God's blessing mandate from Psalm 67 to bless His people so all the earth would know His goodness. Session 5 concludes with the exciting understanding that we were born to create, to find solutions and to reconcile the world to the Lord.