Jesus: Founder of the Women's Liberation Movement

Jesus: Founder of the Women's Liberation Movement
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Kris Vallotton

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About Jesus: Founder of the Women's Liberation Movement
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God created mankind in His image and in His likeness; He made them male and female because the fullness of God can not be truly expressed without both the masculine and feminine attributes. God commissioned both genders to co-reign over the planet. Instead of the Body of Christ leading a revolution that honors women, the church has actually been the catalyst of oppressing them for centuries. In fact, in the last hundred years the world has begun to champion women, giving them places of leadership in politics, in business, in education, and in every realm of society—while the Body of Christ won't even allow them to be elders in the church. What we have failed to realize is that Jesus was the original founder of the Women's Liberation Movement! It's high time that the church of Jesus Christ lead the revolution. Women, find your places!