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Gordon C. Harris


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About Oriented
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In a world full of competing voices, the first 11 chapters of Genesis offer a compelling orientation to existence, one that makes sense of the world and of your place within it. Is it somehow possible, that within the pages of that ancient book lies a blueprint prepared just for you, to set you on course to living the fullest kind of life?

"Gordon C. Harris is a father in the Lord who relentlessly pursues the Kingdom and His presence. Gordon is dedicated to seeing a new generation serve God. In his new book, Gordon delves deeply into the Creation story in a way that will stimulate you to think and inspire you to embrace your calling. Not shying away from the hard questions, Gordon will help you fall more in love with the Ultimate Designer! May the Creator of the universe meet you in the pages of this book and lead you into the palace of your dreams!" --Kris Vallotton - Senior Associate Leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA


"Gordon places each of us as children within a world created by a loving Father. So many of us have missed connecting with our fathers, and we struggle to understand a perfect Father. We can't imagine one who loves us unconditionally and without end, and who created a whole world for us to see and taste and explore...Gordon has a powerful gift, drawn from the immense love relationship that he has with God, to open up the Genesis letter in particular, and help us greet our Heavenly Father who really does love us. Read this book, then read The Book, and let your Heavenly Father love you back to life. -- John Arnott - Founder, Catch The Fire; Author of Grace & Forgiveness, and other books