Open Heavens 2023 Audio Download

Open Heavens 2023 Audio Download

Open Heavens 2023 Audio Download

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Each one of us has been given something special and unique for this moment by God, things that we carry and steward in the spirit and are called to bring in God’s vision of heaven on earth. Yet many find themselves frozen, stuck, or longing for the more of God but not knowing how to take what they’re carrying and actually see it bring about power, signs, and miracles. Like a gardener with precious seeds, it’s time to look up and see that the rain is coming—have you taken the risk and planted them in good soil? Have you felt unsure of the timing of planting in your life or your ministry, and has it paralyzed your progress? Perhaps you’ve been waiting for the right conditions, and the in-between of transition, constantly changing landscapes, the ebb and flow of what is truly important has found you feeling uncertain of how to steward well in this moment. You may find yourself feeling like you’re waiting to be activated, powerless to move forward until every condition is right or expression of revival is happening within your life or ministry. You might even feel tired of risking to see revival, trading breakthroughs for comfort, ease, or control, and losing sight of what God is doing, and what He’s already done.

The truth is this: while you may have been waiting for God to move, He has been waiting for you to see what He’s already doing and has invited you to step into with Him. God is longing to refresh and reconnect you to what He is saying and doing now, and redefine your understanding of the power inside of the seed that you’ve stewarded. God wants to pour out His fire on you, release His rain over the seeds you are meant to plant, and invite you back into the clarity and daring that comes from pursuing revival, taking risks with God instead of only praying for it.

We believe that it is essential to faith to build in risk with God, and for over 20 years, we have pursued building an environment that not only presses in for more of Him, but practices stewarding and planting the seeds already in our hands to see Him move in the here and now. Our greenhouse is rich with the fruit of chasing after God under an open heaven, as we have recognized the potential of the seed, learned to look on the horizon in faith for  the coming rain, and chased after it. All of our beliefs are centered around the truth that one moment with God can change everything, and we are living proof that, at His feet, we receive what we need to live out the mandate given to us in the Word, “On Earth as it is in Heaven.” 

Come and give your life to a moment with God, where an open heaven can pour the rain of presence and encounter on the seeds of revival you are called to carry. 

At Open Heavens 2023, for three days, we will passionately pursue authentic connection with the deep well of His glory in the setting of a greenhouse-like culture of the miraculous, where we pray that signs and wonders, passionate worship, and decades of history with God can transform and kindle ignition in seeds long thought dormant or dead. Through powerful teaching, pursuit of His presence in worship, and rubbing shoulders with others burning for His presence, you will be catalytically reconnected with the God of revival and the role you were created to play in it. 

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