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The Gift of Administration

The Gift of Administration
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Paul Manwaring

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About The Gift of Administration
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Administration's time has come! But what is administration? It is the ability to steer towards the vision. In this series Paul Manwaring unpacks the gift of administration, a gift which is listed in 1 Corinthians 12:28 alongside the gift of healing and miracles. Many people have this gift but often wish that they had another. This series will set you free to embrace your gift and use it to bring Kingdom increase and expansion.

DISC 1: Introduction to the Gift of Administration - This introductory message will help you see how this vital gift, which is both natural and supernatural, fits into the Kingdom.

DISC 2: Moses & the Gift of Administration - Paul teaches on the gift of administration that Moses had which enabled him to lead millions from slavery to freedom and build the greatest worship center ever.

DISC 3: Structure & Organization - The Holy Spirit is the greatest architect. Therefore being filled with Him means that we should understand structure, its purpose and how to be organized for victory and life to flow.

DISC 4: Changing History as History Changes - The world has a momentum towards the day when the "kingdoms of the earth have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ" (Revelations 11:15). Our Kingdom assignment is change management as we play our part in this great paradigm shift.

DISC 5: Heaven's Relational Government - As we pursue Kingdom transformation, it is essential that we have a government structure that is based on heaven's design, which is relational in its nature. All of the life of heaven flows through the relationships of the Trinity.

DISC 6: An Apostolic Assignment - This concluding message will commission you to walk out the gift administration as we fulfill our apostolic assignment of transformation.