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About Tides Live Com Album DL
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The Bethel Music community has joined together to create their first studio album, TIDES. Tides Live was recorded live. Written during a season of change and transition, TIDES Live tells a story of moving forward and overcoming the unknown with God. The album paints a sonic landscape that is colorful, progressive, and at times explosive, drawing heavily on analog synths, sweeping guitars, and pulsing rhythms. Brian Johnson's opening track, "Strong In Us", comes crashing in as a powerful declaration of God's victory that is alive in us. "Heavens Song", by Jeremy Riddle depicts creations refrain to the Lord, capturing listeners through its melodic layers and intricate undercurrents. Energetic tracks such as Jenn Johnson's, "Chasing You" lift the album with vibrant lyrics, highlighting the adventure of pursuing God. The albums crafted anthems revive in us the timelessness and freshness of Gods word, His presence, and His plan.