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Meeting God Face to Face, a New Devotional by Bill Johnson
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Amazed by the Power of God
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Bill Johnson


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About Amazed by the Power of God
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Authors: Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Carol & Christy Wimber, S.J. Hill, Bobby Conner, Doug Addison, David Tomberlin, Charles Kraft, Marc Lawson, Denny Cline, Peter Davids, Gary Best

We need ordinary people willing to minister wherever they are because lives need changed, the sick need healed, and the oppressed need delivered. This will happen through 'ordinary Christians' who want to bring God's Kingdom to others through whatever means and giftings they are given," writes Frank DeCenso.

Revealing the amazing power of God are well-known pastors, writers, evangelicals, and lovers of the Lord. From Bill Johnson and Randy Clark to Carol Wimber and Bobby Conner, you will enjoy each word the 13 authors have to say about being Amazed by the Power of God!

Jump on-board as you travel through pages of wit and wisdom written by experienced, dedicated, and committed Christians who want to amaze you by the power of Almighty God.

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