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Jesus Culture Music,Justin Jarvis

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About Atmospheres
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Justin's debut full-length album, Atmospheres, was recorded live on tour with the Jesus Culture band in March of 2014 and captures 9 original anthems with striking theological depth in a raw, vibrant soundscape. Touting both indie and arena rock sensibilities, this dynamic recording (captured by acclaimed producer Jeremy Edwardson) presents a fresh yet accessible worship experience that engages the listener with songs about the love and power of God. From the unforgettable melodies of the soaring title track “Atmospheres" and the epic instrumentation of the modern hymn “Heaven's Light" to the intimate reflection of “Born of God," every song at its core is unmistakably written in and for the local church, inspiring a journey into the fullness of God's heart. At times reminiscent to the croon of Chris Martin (Coldplay) but with an urgent cry similar to Win Butler (Arcade Fire), Justin's unique voice carries a sound for everyone looking for something new in the realm of live worship music.