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Attributes of Royalty

Attributes of Royalty
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Kris Vallotton

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About Attributes of Royalty
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In this powerful 6-CD series, Pastor Kris Vallotton unearths the mysteries of our noble lineage. He reminds us that as the people of God, we are called to be a Royal Priesthood. Kris takes us on a journey through the King's palace for prince and princess training at its best. You will learn how Royalty thinks, how they behave and why they have authority. You'll also come to realize how the destructive nature of pauperhood has reduced the great commission down to something less powerful and more palatable. You'll receive insights from the life of David, Solomon, and Esther. You will be struck by the nations that were discipled in ancient enemy lands through the stately influence of Daniel and Joseph. But most of all, you will discover the yearning that you possess, deep within your soul, to become sons and daughters of the King.

Disc 1: Created for Glory
Disc 2: Core Values of the Kingdom
Disc 3: Greatness
Disc 4: An Understanding Heart
Disc 5: Courage
Disc 6: Loyalty