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Better Connection Better Communication

Better Connection Better Communication
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Jason Hedge

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About Better Connection Better Communication
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Have you ever wondered why you just ‘connect’ with some new acquaintances and not with others? The way you communicate has a lot to do with the quality of the connections you make.

This training will help you identify other’s behavioral types and will give you specific tools to enable better communication with your audience. These DISC Assessment based behavioral skills are proven to be effective in helping leaders, managers, business owners, and pastors who want to increase their influence with others by improving their communication.

This training is a step-by-step process to assist you in learning how to modify your communication to connect better with the listener. The enhanced podcast you are about to download includes illustrative graphics that supplement the audio. Additional videos that accompany this teaching can be found at the link provided when this item is purchased. Handouts will be included to teach listeners how to use the DISC Assessment tracking tool.

You can view this enhanced audio file in QuickTime, Windows Media Player or iTunes (if you have the artwork window up). These options will allow you to watch the embedded pictures that are timed to the audio presentation.

The DISC Assessment is a powerful tool that identifies your behavioral tendencies. It not only helps you better understand how you were created, but can assist you in understanding why others do what they do and how to best communicate with them.

If you haven’t already taken the DISC Assessment for yourself, I recommend the DISC Comprehensive Assessment for the Workplace. As the name states, it provides a comprehensive report to help you understand the concepts and the application to help improve relationships at work and beyond.

Download Includes:

Instructions – Enhanced Audio.pdf
Better Connections Better Communication.m4a (Enhanced Audio Cast with Images)
Better Connections Better Communication.mp3 (Audio Only)
DISC Communication Tracking Form.pdf