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Encountering God Through Dance
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Saara Taina


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About Encountering God Through Dance
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Release the Kingdom through dance! While it is easy to understand why many Western churches have moved away from dance altogether for cultural reasons, Encountering God Through Dance provides compelling evidence for dance as a redeemable gift that was prevalent in Jewish culture as a means of worshiping God. Each chapter builds a sequential argument for dance and concludes with wisdom and insights about how to start a local dance team at your church. The heart of Encountering God Through Dance is to inspire and equip believers to worship Jesus in wholehearted devotion—to express love without fear or shame. The author's personal journey of devotion through dance has taken her worldwide, and she wraps her exciting travels with a solid biblical framework for the importance of dance in the Kingdom of God-on earth, today. Saara Taina was born in Finland and has been teaching worship dance for more than 10 years on five continents. She was a student in the School of Worship in Jerusalem, Israel, and studied dance in Sydney, Australia.