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Enduring Faith

Enduring Faith
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Bill Johnson

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About Enduring Faith
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DISC 1- There is a rare faith that pleases the heart of the Father above all others that's called Enduring Faith. It can only be developed in the tension of having a promise from God, yet living in its lack of fulfillment. In this place of extraordinary privilege, we have the chance to offer a sacrifice of praise and not lower the standard of God's promises to our level of experience. This moving message was given the week before the death of Bill's father. DISC 2: HOW TO HANDLE LOSS Many make it past the temptation to "curse God and die" after loss and disappointment, but not as many know how to keep themselves from the discouragement that leads to the sin of unbelief. This stirring message was Bill's challenge to his own church family after losing their corporate battle for his dad's healing. His father died only two days before this word was given.