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Infused: Strength + Purity
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Tiffany Cochran

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About Infused: Strength + Purity
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Culture is sending us a lot of messages on sexuality. What's normal? What's not? What's healthy? What's unhealthy? Where's the line? If we're not careful, things can start to get pretty cloudy. God gave us His word so we wouldn't have to walk around ignorant, confused, or broken. It's simple: when we walk with God and are surrendered to His ways, He leads us and things that were cloudy become clear. Lack of confidence and confusion do not have to be the story you are telling with your life. This book is a hope-filled resource that allows the truth of God's word to wash over you and infuse every area of your life with strength and purity.

Infused is a book of over 100 truths from God's word in our everyday language to tell us what the Bible says about:

  • Sexuality
  • Identity
  • God
  • Relationships
  • Forgiveness
  • Redemption