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Inviting God to Work
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Andy Mason

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About Inviting God to Work
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What if every single business in your city had an overwhelming atmosphere of confidence and hope? What if God took up residence with you at work? What could that look like? Is that possible? God doesn't want to be just part of your 'spiritual' life; He wants to be part of ALL of your life – your work, your play, your eating, your sleeping… He is looking for a resting place (see Isaiah 66). He wants to abide, to remain, to dwell. Jesus said, “Make your home in Me and I will make my home in you… “ (see John 15:4) So how do you invite God to make His home in your life, your workplace, your business? Full of testimonies and application, this message by Andy Mason will give you keys to start building a culture in your life and workplace that would welcome more of heaven on earth.

*Also included is a one-page summary and activation and also a bonus message: “Stories of God at Work."