Where His Light Was // NEW Album by Kristene DiMarco

It Is Finished
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About It Is Finished
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God is good.  More questions and concerns arise today over the subject of the goodness of God than most any other topic.  This conflict reveals a deep personal need in the Body of Christ to see Jesus for who He really is and experience His finished work.  Jesus came to quench the appetite of an unquenchable fire: The Law.  His sacrifice was a thorough and complete work that satisfied every demand.

As the Body of Christ embraces its true identity, it is launched into purpose that expresses the Spirit of God through holiness.  Holiness demands miracles, and miracles give language to what the Spirit of God is saying.  As we authentically fulfill our role, the world encounters the goodness of God-His finished work.

Disc 1: What Part of Finished Don't You Understand?
Disc 2: The Power of Holiness