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Keeping the Fire
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Rolland and Heidi Baker


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About Keeping the Fire
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“Revival is about the Reviver – nothing more and nothing less." Thus opens Rolland Baker's important new book. The evidence of revival in Mozambique through Iris Global is clear to see: tens of thousands of churches have been planted and hundreds of thousands of lives have been surrendered to Christ. But what have been the keys to seeing such revival sustained over so many years? Rather than offering a transferable model, because everyone's context is different, Rolland Baker shares the five core principles that have become the bedrock of Iris Global's ministry and reveal how revival can be sustained by supernatural love. These five principles fuel a cooperation with the Holy Spirit that leads to a Kingdom outpouring. Rolland writes: “We don't impose these values on our ministry – the Spirit of God has imposed them on us. We simply recognize and adopt them." Readers will grasp both a deep longing for authentic relationship with the Lord and see how His love and power can be released in their own lives and ministry.