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Kids Carrying the Kingdom Volume 2

Kids Carrying the Kingdom Volume 2
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Mike Seth


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About Kids Carrying the Kingdom Volume 2
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"Kids Carrying the Kingdom" is a Presence Based, God Friendly, and Spirit-led Children's Curriculum. Volume Two is the second quarter of a year-long curriculum designed to take our children on a journey where they will encounter thre Father's love, discover their identity, and be equipped and released to fulfill their "royal mission:" to bring heaven to earth.

Each lesson imparts and reveals:
--Kingdom Truths
--God's character, love, and power
--An opportunity and place to encounter God's presence

Lesson Plans include:
--Scripture Studies and references, object lessons, dramas
--"Heaven to Home" parent page, A "Class Act" time for group activation
--Reproducible memory verse/color and activity pages
--12 weekly lessons and one review lesson plan
--For ages 6-11, grades 1-5

Lesson Titles/Descriptions:

14 "Welcome Holy Spirit" Introduces the Holy Spirit as God, Friend and Comforter
15 "A Guiding Light" Describes how the Holy Spirit leads, guides, and protects us
16 "Praying in the Spirit" Explains what happens when we use this gift
17 "A Pure Heart" Teaches how to keep and grow a heart of purity
18 "Loving the Lord" part one Our love for the Father is the echo of His love for us
19 "Loving the Lord" part two Details how we get to love God with all our being
20 A Powerful Peace" God's peace is more powerful than what the enemy can do
21 "Love Your Neighbor" Loving our neighbor as ourselves can bring Heaven to earth
22 "An Attitude of Gratitude" Thankfulness is a powerful force and an act of worship
23 "A Heart to Give" Generosity is a lifestyle and reflects the Father's heart
24 "Speaking Our Heart" Our words reveal our heart and are extremely powerful
25 "Power of Forgiveness" Forgiving others sets people free, and restores relationships