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Heather Thompson

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We want to see children and young people chasing after God and shaking nations. Filled with God’s power and showing God’s love for the place they live. This CD has a range of songs to enthusiastically praise: Chasing God Shaking Nations, Undefeated Champion and We Want More . Songs to bring us to authentic worship: I Want More Of You, As I Come Into Your Presence and Lord You See Beyond. This CD contains 16 praise and worship songs that will help children ‘Chase God and Shake Nations’. Suitable for 4-11 year olds.Featuring 16 praise and worship songs including ‘Chasing God Shaking Nations’, ‘Undefeated Champion’ and ‘I want more of You’.

Track listing
  • 1. Chasing God Shaking Nations
  • 2. I Believe
  • 3. Let’s Walkabout
  • 4. Undefeated Champion
  • 5. I Want More Of You
  • 6. Holy Spirit
  • 7. Our God Will Reign Forever (My Saviour Lives)
  • 8. Who Am I (Friend Of God)
  • 9. As I Come Into Your Presence
  • 10. Transformers
  • 11. Medley - We Have The Best Dad & God is Great
  • 12. We Want More
  • 13. Lord You See Beyond My Time (Beyond)
  • 14. Your Eyes Are On Me Lord
  • 15. Xplode!
  • 16. Gonna be a Powerpack

*Rick Pino © 2008 Fire Rain Music (ASCAP) (admin by Carpenter Create LLC) All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Powerpack Ministries has been creating music resources for over 20 years. In the UK many of these songs are used in churches and kids work settings. In many ways Powerpack Ministries has been a fore-runner in kids worship songs and the prophetic in the UK. Powerpack uses these songs in various countries including Argentina, Romania and Thailand.