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Leap Into Love, a new book by Havilah Cunnington
Receive Your Upgrade

Receive Your Upgrade
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Leif Hetland

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About Receive Your Upgrade
Free Gift

In this 3 part series, Leif is teaching at the School of Supernatural Ministry.

Listen to this message and receive your upgrade in your:

Identity – who you are and Whose you are!

Dignity – your value!

Dreams – your dreaming with God and God dreaming with you!

Session 1: Understanding Your Value

Session 2: Increasing Your Understanding

Session 3: Bonus: Q & A with Leif in regard to his journey, the nations, finances and more.

Leif and Jennifer Hetland found Global Awareness in the year 2000. Today GMA is reaching the unreached in 22 nations. GMA is a family of families blessing the nations of the earth. We are dedicated to the 66,000 people who will die today, having lived their entire lives, never once hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.