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Redefined By Love

Redefined By Love
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Abi Stumvoll

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About Redefined By Love
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"God is distant and always disappointed in you. He wishes you were better already. He cares more about you working for Him than about you as a person." Growing up, those are the things I believed about God. Those beliefs kept me stuck in self-hatred, anxiety, and striving. Everything changed when I accepted God's invitation to redefine who He REALLY is. The goodness of His love has reshaped the way I see Him as well as the way I see myself. This four-part teaching series will challenge your understanding of God and invite you to redefine your life by His love. Through this series you will learn:

  1. Who God is Not
  2. How to Receive Love from God
  3. The Father Heart of God
  4. Your Best is Enough

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