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Releasing the Kingdom
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Bill Johnson

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About Releasing the Kingdom
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DISC 1: Releasing the Kingdom Our internal reality becomes our external reality. Israel was acquainted with the works of God yet unfamiliar with His ways. Their unbelieving hearts caused them to wander internally and became expressed externally as they wandered for 40 years. God is looking for those who are not only aware of His works but are in love with the person of Jesus and can adequately represent and release Him. Our hunger and yieldedness to the invitation of Divine encounter, allows the power of God to work within us, naturally expressing His dominion through us. Thus altering our external realities because we have internally embraced the heart cry for the Spirit of God to take us higher.

Disc 2: Becoming Gatekeepers Jesus demonstrated how to be the gate of heaven, the transition place that releases heavenly realities through words and action. Today, we are the gate of heaven. As gatekeepers, we have the God given authority to release the Kingdom into our realm of influence. Our assignment to lift up our eyes, erases uncertainty and fear as we behold what we were made to burn for in this hour. Once this becomes real within us, it becomes real around us.

Releasing the Kingdom