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Revival Outside the Camp
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Bill Johnson

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About Revival Outside the Camp
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DISC 1: More, More, More The fullness of the Holy Sprit is measured by our overflow. Jesus final instruction to the disciples was to stay in Jerusalem until they received that fullness. Not knowing what it would look like, their desperation for more created the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to color outisde the lines and invade a city. God is releasing great courage for a new outpouring and our desperation for more is just as vital today as it was for the early church. DISC 2: Outside the Camp The Christian walk was never meant to be reduced to a discipline; it was meant to be seen by its passion. Passion is fueled by sacrifice that is willing to live outside what is comfortable, often times bearing the reproach of the religious community. Sacrifice can never become routine. It embraces what God is doing and continually moves beyond what is convenient. By living outside the camp, the reward is greater purpose, intensity, and breakthrough. But more importantly, its more of Him.