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Song Writing Series
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About Song Writing Series
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WorshipU is an online worship school from Bethel Music that provides comprehensive worship teaching on topics such as worship leading, character, identity, spiritual authority, as well as providing an in-depth instrument training. The ‘WorshipU Teaching Series’ is a compilation of lessons put into DVDformat for worshippers to learn and grow wherever they are. This series includes:

The Heart of Songwriting // Jeremy Riddle
In this session, Jeremy emphasizes the core values of songwriters, the key elements of a song, and the songwriting process. He shares his personal journey of how he developed as a worship songwriter and concludes with Q & A from the audience.

Crafting Your Song // Brian Johnson
In Brian’s lesson, he encourages and empowers songwriters to take risks in their writing. He discusses the different approaches to beginning and finishing songs, including capturing melodies, crafting lyrics, and structuring powerful songs.

Writing in the Moment // Jenn Johnson & Jeremy Riddle
Learn from Jenn, as Jeremy interviews her about her worship journey. Topics include: spontaneous singing/songwriting, capturing moments of worship, and the co-writing process. She discusses how she connects to the heart of God and finds inspiration in Him.

Song Stories // Bethel Music Worship Leaders
Join Brian, Jenn, William and Steffany in this group discussion as they share the process and inspiration behind many of the Bethel Music songs. This light-hearted teaching is enjoyable to watch and full of powerful insight on songwriting.

For more information on WorshipU please visit www.worshipu.com