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The Beauty of Wisdom: The Power that Changes the World
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Bill Johnson

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About The Beauty of Wisdom: The Power that Changes the World
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In the New Testament the infilling of the Holy Spirit is evidenced in power to preach, heal and deliver. But that is only one side of the coin. Being filled with the Holy Spirit also means receiving wisdom. The power and boldness to preach and heal is overt; the wisdom to build in society through our work is covert. We need both to see our world changed. Bill Johnson shows how believers have the privilege to draw others to the brightness of His rising as seen in our lives. Just as kings left their countries to hear the wisdom of Solomon, society's leaders of our day crave the wisdom that we have access to in God. They, too, will come to communities of covenant believers as a city on a hill, a city of refuge, because they are drawn to His presence in us and need the wisdom that He, alone, can give. This series explores the exciting and timely topic of this wisdom.

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Disc 1
Session 1 The Challenge of Blessing (Start of the series)
Sunday 2 A Dreamer Creates a Destiny

Disc 2
Session 3 The Power of Royal Generosity
Session 4 Sunday, October 13th 2013 Wisdom Has No Adversary

Disc 3
Session 5 The Principled Presence
Session 6 A Theology of Blessing

Disc 4
Session 7 Poor in Spirit
Session 8 Building Cities God's Way

Disc 5
Session 9 The Diamond and its Setting