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The Joy of Intercession Bible Study Curriculum
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Beni Johnson


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About The Joy of Intercession Bible Study Curriculum
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You can be a Happy Intercessor. Join Beni Johnson as she takes you on a journey into the joyful heart of Father God that will change the way you pray forever. Learn the secrets to becoming a happy intercessor and experience breakthrough, joy, and results when you pray. By watching these video sessions—ideal for individuals, small groups and church classes—you will discover how to:

--Experience a deeper relationship with the Father through intercession
--Confidently declare God's Word and promises over your life
--Pray from a position of victory and witness supernatural results
--Walk in Kingdom authority that releases God's solutions
--Engage in effective spiritual warfare through worship and joy

*These DVDs sessions also contain a leaders guide useful for leading groups and classes. To go through the DVD sessions, the Joy of Intercession Study Guide is required (sold separately).


- 2 DVDs (6 20-minute sessions)

- Leaders Guide

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