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The Nature of Grace
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Bill Johnson

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About The Nature of Grace
Free Gift

This series by Bill Johnson illuminates the purpose of the law and the true nature of grace. The law was meant to show us our need for a Savior and our absolute inability to be righteous without Him. By contrast, grace is the enabling power to do those things that were impossible for us under the law. Grace requires more from us because it enables us. Under the law, we were told not to kill, but Jesus told us not to even call someone a fool. While keeping the law meant trying to obey a list of rules, living by grace can only be done through a living relationship with God. A good response to God's lavish grace is to to go low, wash the feet of others, serve in thankfulness and humility. The Bible shows us what happens when we allow ourselves to become arrogant in the face of grace. This series teaches us to take our blessings and favor to benefit others.

*This series includes 2 sessions on 1 CD.