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The New Breed of Revivalist

The New Breed of Revivalist
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Banning Liebscher

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About The New Breed of Revivalist
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God has a heart for the nations of the earth. He has promised the nations to His Son as His inheritance, and the ends of the earth as His possession. There is a new breed of revivalist emerging in the earth today to answer God's cry for the nations of the earth to be healed. This new breed thinks differently and believes God can use their lives to see cities taken and nations discipled. They believe their lives were meant to be salt, thrown into the waters of society, to reverse the curse of barrenness on the land. God is not just raising up revivalists who will stand behind a pulpit, but revivalists who will go into the Seven Mind Molders of society so that the land can be healed.

Disc 1: The Emerging Revivalist
Disc 2: Heal the Land

The New Breed of Revivalist.