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The Power of Blessing Your Children
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Mary Ruth Swope


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About The Power of Blessing Your Children
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In this practical and inspiring book, well-known nutritionist, teacher, speaker, and author Mary Ruth Swope provides detailed instructions on how to minister powerful blessings from God to our children, grandchildren, and other loved ones. Dr. Swope discusses specific daily blessings to pray, each one accompanied by biblical promises, including:

  • Safety-to sleep in peace
  • Courage-to face our fears
  • Good health-to experience healing
  • Wisdom-to live a life of faith
  • Prosperity-to bless our children and others
  • Joy and Strength-in body, soul, and spirit

From the testimonies included, you will find many examples of those who have been completely changed with simple yet powerful blessings given in person, over the phone, or even by mail. Release blessings upon those you love-and witness powerful results!