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The Tabernacle of David: Then and Now
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Ray Hughes

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About The Tabernacle of David: Then and Now
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The Tabernacle of David: Then and Now is Ray Hughes' long awaited follow-up teaching series to his landmark teachings of The Minstrel Series. This 7-CD teaching series can be used as an in-church or in-home study series about worship and the Tabernacle of David, or as an in-depth teaching journey to bring to worship teams, worshipping intercessors, leaders, all who are called into a greater understanding of worship.

Disc 1: Worship - In the Beginning!
This is Ray's foundational teaching on God's original purpose, design and the place of worship in our relationship with Him.

Disc 2: The Road to Zion
Seventeen-year-old David had so given his heart to God as a worshiper that God gave David His heart for His Kingdom and enabled him to change his generation as a intercessory worshipper and leader. In this teaching we follow David on this wild and wonderful journey to Zion.

Disc 3: Accessing the Tabernacle
Understanding the role and history of the Tabernacle is central for all worshippers. This teaching explores the Tabernacle of Moses and its contrast to the Tabernacle of David. David understood the power and purpose of worship, and he and his staff taught the musicians how to prophesy upon their instrument. Ray explores the prophetic vocabulary that should be understood by all worshipping musicians today.

Disc 4: The Appointment
This teaching lesson explores how David appointed, mentored and instructed the Chief Worshippers (Asaph, Jeduthin, and Heman), and with them developed a vocabulary of worship that all Israelites used in worship. We must identify our giftings and our talents properly to effectively release them in the House of God. We are called to stand and be appointed to use our gifts strategically. This teaching also explores the proper active, dynamic, and thriving relationship between pastoral and worshipping leadership behind the scenes as well as within our worship services.

Disc 5: Between the Lines
The Psalms are filled with instructions and inscriptions that give us the rest of the intriguing story. These instructions have a variety of cultural meanings, musical and historical context, and strategic purposes for each of the Psalms. When we understand these instructions, we can see a far greater depth, strength, and power of the Psalms and their application to our lives today!

Disc 6: Seven Hebrew Words for Praise
There are seven Hebrew words for Praise which reveal the different expressions of praise, and each has a strategic significance for our lives and our relationship with God. David worshipped God seven times per day, and prayed three times per day. He understood these types of worship and he applied them to his daily life as a worshipper, leader and one who sought the heart of the Lord.

Disc 7: The Selah Ministry
The word Selah has many definitions, and to the musicologists today most of the terminology used in the Psalm headings has become terminological enigmas. Ray has explored numerous Bible versions and dozens of respected authors' and scholars' studies over generations, and in this teaching he extracts revelation from their scholarly insights. He brings clarity, understanding, and application to the NOW sound of this generation.