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The Transformation Collection

The Transformation Collection
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Bill Johnson

Flash Drive

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About The Transformation Collection
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The Transformation Collection: A collection of audio teachings on transformation by Bill Johnson.

These three audio series are conveniently packaged on an easy to use flash drive ready to be loaded on to your computer or mp3 player.

This flash drive makes for a great gift idea and church resource!

The teachings included on this drive are:

Supernatural Power of a Renewed Mind

  • A Sanctified Body and Mind
  • A Sanctified Heart
  • Heavenly Mindedness
  • Unto Perfection
  • Understanding is an Experience
  • The eyes of a Tender Heart
  • The Power of Revelation
  • Developing an Understanding Heart

Transformed People Transform Cities

  • Really Saved
  • Gate of Heaven
  • The Power of a Seed
  • From Glory to Glory
  • The Real Jesus
  • Being a Bride

Three Leavens of the Mind