Transformed People Transform Cities
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About Transformed People Transform Cities
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Disc 1: Really Saved
Jesus’ death was sufficient to cover sin. To think we are in constant battle with our sinful nature is agreement with a lie. Accept God’s challenge to live and think from His perspective, and you will live with an expectation of victory.

Disc 2: From Glory to Glory
Exposure to God changes our perception. When introspective, we reproduce what we find in ourselves. God seeks those who can mirror on earth His heartbeat in heaven.

Disc 3: Gate of Heaven
We are God’s abiding place, our minds "Heaven’s gate.” Increasing awareness of the open heaven over us enables us to release the dominion of the Lord around us.

Disc 4: The Real Jesus
Every activity of the supernatural serves to help us anchor our affections into a world we cannot see. The generation that God seeks to give the world to is the one that loves not the world. With our affections anchored in heaven, we can be people of influence on the earth.

Disc 5: The Power of a Seed
Joy is understandable in victory and supernatural in difficulty. Our faithfulness in choosing joy in difficulty determines our breakthrough. The transformed mind views every inadequacy as an opportunity for the display of Jesus’ strength and our joy.

Disc 6: Being a Bride
The word “helpmate” means “a power/rescue that looks in the face.” As a wife is to be for her husband, so has God made the Bride to be a power facing Jesus. As His Bride, we stand fully equipped, postured to have impact on earth through our mutually fulfilling relationship.

Transformed People Transform Cities