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What it Means to be Forgiven
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Bill Johnson

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About What it Means to be Forgiven
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This teaching series by Bill Johnson explores What it Means to be Forgiven.

MESSAGE 1: THE BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE Jesus bore the punishment that I deserved so that I might receive the blessing He deserved. His forgiveness is that complete! God remembers the details of your life differently than you might think. Once the blood of Jesus has touched our life it redefines our history. If we are going to be the people who help usher in the greatest move of all time, our self-concept must be consistent with His complete work at Calvary. Seeing Him as He is, and seeing ourselves through His eyes are the keys to such a transformation.

MESSAGE 2: GUILT FREE & LOVING IT The blood of Jesus destroys all our supposed "legal" rights to guilt and shame. To embrace either of these is to believe a lie. Flowing in the Holy Spirit is the great joy of the believer and the guilt-free life is inherently more sensitive to Him. Learning to "move" with the Holy Spirit is the heart and soul of the Christian life.