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What on Earth is Glory Book
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Paul Manwaring


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About What on Earth is Glory Book
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What on Earth is Glory provides a unique definition and understanding of God’s glory as it relates to the world. Paul Manwaring removes the expectation that glory can only be experienced within the four walls of the church, and reminds the reader that the glory of the Creator is reflected in His entire creation. As carriers of His glory, it is time we understand what it looks like to practically bring glory to God on this earth. The reader will receive a fresh, biblical definition of glory as well as an understanding of the connection between glory and the Goodness of God. The reader will be reminded that his/her assignment on this earth is to be a “glory carrier” and will be given the tools to practically carry out this assignment. The book reminds the reader that we were created in the image of the Glorious One and thus, we were created for glory. With this understanding, the reader will have a renewed desire to be more like Him. The book removes some of the supernatural mystique of glory as an unattainable manifestation of God’s presence. Glory is not an inexplicable, weighty concept or just a supernatural cloud that may appear someday, but everyone’s opportunity to reveal, reflect or point to the character, nature and attributes of God.