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When Heaven Invades Earth Book - Expanded Edition

When Heaven Invades Earth Book - Expanded Edition
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Bill Johnson


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About When Heaven Invades Earth Book - Expanded Edition
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Humanity desperately needs what every born again believer carries: the supernatural power of Jesus. For too long, many have treated the Kingdom of God as something yet to come instead of a reality that is present within every believer. Pastor Bill Johnson calls all Christians to embrace their identities as people filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered to release God's Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. This identity is characterized by a lifestyle where the supernatural is natural and miracles become the norm, not the exception. Now including a 40-day devotional, this special tenth anniversary edition of When Heaven Invades Earth, shows you how to embrace your identity as a citizen in the Kingdom; exercise your authority as a child of God; experience your inheritance, miracles becoming your normal Christian life. Prepare to experience the supernatural life God has destined you to live!

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