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Worship Leading Series
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About Worship Leading Series
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WorshipU is an online worship school from Bethel Music that provides comprehensive worship teaching on topics such as worship leading, character, identity, spiritual authority, as well as providing an in-depth instrument training. The ‘WorshipU Teaching Series’ is a compilation of lessons put into DVD format for worshippers to learn and grow wherever they are. This series includes:

Worship Leading // Brian & Jenn Johnson
Brian and Jenn share the joys and challenges of being worship pastors. They discuss the privilege of cultivating a culture of worship and the importance of collaborating with church staff and authority.

Set Preparation // Jeremy Riddle
Jeremy offers insight on how to build worship sets that are fresh, impactful, and complete. He also shares about the spiritual considerations behind selecting songs and arranging them.

Worship Leadership // Jeremy Riddle
Jeremy addresses worship leaders about how to take people with you as you lead them into new places in worship. He encourages leaders to carry spiritual authority and steward leadership from God. He concludes with Q & A from a live audience.

Co-Leading // Bethel Music Worship Leaders
This light-hearted session with Brian, Jenn, Jeremy, William and Steffany expresses the value of a worship community. As they candidly interact, they discuss topics such as worship leading, the unique role of co-leaders, and the importance of trust.

For more information on WorshipU please visit www.worshipu.com